Additional Information about Kids In Need

1) EEA has an emergency medical/dental fund facilitated through the school nurses. Limit of $50 per child. EEA asks that all other funding sources are exhausted before accessing the EMD fund.

2) WEA has a Children's Fund that provides warm coats, shoes, etc to kids in need. (I sent the link to access this fund a week or so ago). WEA recently adopted a policy of no longer allowing WalMart receipts for reimbursement.

3) WEA Riverside has a Kids in Need fund that will supplement the WEA program and extends the service to include medical and dental needs as well.


WEA-Riverside and the Washington Education Association (WEA) have funds available to help those students who need a warm coat, shoes, boots, or other articles of clothing, as well as, some school supplies. The intent is to ensure that the physical, social and emotional needs of students do not stand in the way of success within the school setting. These funds are made available through member and staff fundraising and donations. Due to the type of funding, we encourage our members to first contact WEA for assistance through the WEA Children’s Fund.

The WEA Children’s Fund will make money available to WEA members to buy a warm coat, new shoes, boots or mittens, backpacks and immediate school supplies. For more information, call Christina Martinez at 1-800-622-3393. To apply for funds, send an email to with your specific request..

In addition to the items listed above, WEA-Riverside’s Kids In Need Fund can offer assistance with medical, dental, prescription and vision needs. For more information or to apply for funds, call Teresa at WEA-Riverside, 360-256-0880, or send an e-mail message to .