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Diversity save the date


BlazersEEA has teamed up with the Portland Trail Blazers for the March 28th game versus the Denver Nuggets. This exclusive offer is open to EEA members.  Don't miss this exciting opportunity to enjoy time with family, friends, and fellow EEA members.   A special savings on tickets and seating together has been arranged for the EEA so be sure to get your seats while they last! 

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insurance choice

Insurance plans for the 2014-15 School Year effective November 1. Click Here

Have you tried the Health eXpress? Get free health care from your smartphone, tablet or computer. No appointment needed! All Evergreen School District employees may participate regardless of your health insurance provider. Live, face-to-face visits with a health care provider using secure video and audio. Diagnosis, treatment recommentaion, prescription and follow up care. Get treatment for many common concerns including: sinus, ear and eye infections, cough, cold and flu, rash and joint issues, or prescription refills. Enroll today at ProvidenceHealthPlan.com/evergreen. A kiosk is located at Evergreen High School. A free mobile app is also available for download. Check out the how to video HERE

Please check out the Newsletter link for health and wellness information.


Sped and Law

Special Ed and the Law Conference - 2014. Please check out the updates in Special Ed Law from the University of Washington School Law Division.



Teacher evaluation forms here.
Evaluation MOU for 2014-15

Evaluation Handbook 2014-15

Notify EEA if you are asked to fill out ANY form in addition to those listed below.
Updated September 9, 2013 Critical Attribute Rubric for Student Growth
Updated September 10, 2013 Student Growth Goals Worksheet. NOTE: Form not required, but provided as a tool.

UPDATED 11-7-13
November Evaluation Handbook for Specialists
Counselor/Social Worker/Intervention Specialist Frameworks
Counselor/Social Worker/Intervention Specialist Report
HS Sped Coordinator Frameworks
HS Sped Coordinator Report
Instructional Coach Frameworks
Instructional Coach Report
OTPT Frameworks
OTPT Report
Nurse Frameworks
Nurse Report
Psychologist Frameworks
Psychologist Report
SLP Frameworks
SLP Report
Teacher-Librarian Frameworks
Teacher-Librarian Report


Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2013-16. See link below list of additional agreements for CBA.
Click Here for the 2013-2016 CBA (contract) language.

Click Here for the Elementary Schedule MOU for 2014-15
Click Here for the OT/PT Faculty Meeting LOA for 2014-15
Click Here for the Special Education Faculty Meeting LOA for 2014-15
Click Here for the Skills Center Internships LOA for 2014-15
Click Here for the Spanish Immersion MOU for 2014-15
Click Here for the SLP LOA for 2014-15
Click Here for the HeLa HS LOA for 2014-15
Click Here for the IQ Academy LOA for 2014-15
Click Here for the IQ Academy Expectations LOA for 2014-15
Click Here for the Credit Recovery LOA for 2014-15
Click Here for the Legacy HS LOA for 2014-15
Click Here for the Elementary Early Release 2014-15
Click Here for the Medical Benefits 3% MOU for 2014-15
Click Here for the WAAS Portfolio Signed Appendix for 2014-15
Click Here for the Teacher Librarian Tech Specialist MOU for 2014-15
Click Here for the Hiring MOU for 2014-15
Click Here for the Calendar for 2014-15 (Inservice, Early Release, Testing, Grading, Conferences, etc)
Click Here for the Professional Development MOU
Click Here for the
Extra Duties MOU for 2014-15
Click Here for the Pay for Moving Rooms MOU for 2014-15

Click Here for the MS Flex Schedule LOA for 2013-14
Click Here for the Coaches Contract MOU for 2013-14

See the Evaluation section above for the Evaluation MOU for 2014-15

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Information Central:
  • Principal/Rep Problem Solving Form Click Here
  • 2015 Scholarship Application Click Here Scholarships are to be submitted to EEA (5516 NE 107 Avenue, Suite 100, Vancouver, WA 98662) no later than 5 pm on the last Friday in April.
  • 2014 Dues Tax Information. Click Here.
  • Important Dates 14-15 Click Here
  • National Board Scholarship Info/Application. Here
  • Looking for a lawyer? Click here for more info.
  • Retiree Recognition Reimbursement Form Click Here
  • WEA-Riverside Community Organizing Grant Program Application Click Here
  • National Indoor Air Quality Symposium.
    NEA and EPA team up!
    For details on what you should know Click Here


EEA Feedback Center

Use the link below to access the EEA Feedback form. We encourage our members to send us comments, concerns, questions, and suggestions. We value your input!

Click here to access the feedback form.


NEA Member Benefit California Casualty
http://calcasfacebook.com/ereichGain exclusive access to promotions for educators... Connect with me, your local representative, Erica Reich

California Casualty is the auto & home insurance program through NEA Member Benefits.  They have great service and competitive rates for NEA members.  Call 1-877-646-5248 for a fast rate comparison!!

California Casualty Cares

California Casualty School Lounge Makeover

This program supports one (1) school per quarter, selected randomly, from entries submitted by NEA members. The more members who enter from a school, the better the odds for winning a makeover for your lounge. The dollar amount of the makeover program will be $7,500 per quarter. For more details, go to:  http://schoolloungemakeover.com/ .

California Casualty is the auto & home insurance program through NEA Member Benefits.  They have great service and competitive rates for NEA members.  Call 1-877-646-5248 for a fast rate comparison!!


Children's Fund
Find out more information about how you can be involved in this great work for kids. Click Here

Kids In Need
Find out more about what opportunties exist for Kids In Need. Click Here

VALIC Website
Click Here for more information about VALIC
. NEW!! Benefits for YOU

School Employee Credit Union of Washington is a state-wide credit union focused on electronic banking, with low loan rates and free services for teachers. To find out more, click here



Resources for Common Core:

NEA Toolkit Common Core
Align Assess Achieve About CCSC
WEA has 4 members (Shelly Milne – Cashmere EA, Cara Haney – Kent EA, Dan Alderson – Lake Stevens EA, and Jennie Beltramini – Anacortes EA) serving on WEA’s Common Core Work Group who have extensive training about CCSS, including familiarity with resources and materials created by the non-profit Student Achievement Partners (SAP).  SAP is partnered with NEA and AFT to develop high-quality, free professional development resources:  http://www.achievethecore.org/

New CCSS Tools from NEA and BetterLesson
The National Education Association (NEA) and BetterLesson launched a new web site:
http://cc.betterlesson.com/mtp The site, where teachers share what works in the classroom, features more than 3,000 classroom-ready lessons that are easily accessible and can be integrated into any curriculum. This new BetterLesson product was built entirely for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and features the lessons of 130+ Master Teachers (MTs), who represent every K-12 grade level for math and English Language Arts & Literacy.  This is one of several long-term partnerships NEA has pursued to support its members’ professional development and leadership in the teaching practice; members have been recruited around the country to participate and develop comprehensive materials along with these partner organizations.


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