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SEBB Benefits Fact Sheet

6-10-2019: SEBB Benefits Weekly Update: The attachment and links below are to documents and a timeline for employees to use in preparation for SEBB.  All employees must provide valid documents to verify dependent eligibility during SEBB open enrollment October 1, 2019 – November 15, 2019.  Dependent verification will be required for all coverage (medical, dental and vision).  Valid documents are tax returns, birth certificates, marriage licenses and certificates of legal union.  Employees are encouraged to use their flexible spending and dependent care accounts by December 31, 2019.  Doing so will help to avoid delays or confusion if you reenroll in these benefits for the 2020 plan year through SEBB.  All employees will receive a School Employee Initial Enrollment Guide in September.  Weekly SEBB all user updates will continue in Mid-August.

6-3-2019: SEBB Benefits Weekly Update:  Benefit eligible employees must enroll during the open enrollment period of 10/1/19 – 11/15/19 or be defaulted as employee only into medical, dental, vision and other benefits which will require you to pay the employee share of the medical premium.  Employees anticipated to work 630 hours per school year will be benefit eligible under the SEBB program.  There will be a new online enrollment system called “SEBB My Account” requiring employees to enroll electronically for their benefits.  A virtual benefits fair will be available during the first annual open enrollment to assist employees.  Please see the attached SEBB Program Insider Tips for 10 things you need to know regarding your SEBB benefits to assist you during the first annual open enrollment.  Please refer to the link below for FAQ’s regarding SEBB eligibility and enrollment. 

5-28-2019: SEBB Benefits Weekly Update:  SEBB benefit open enrollment will be 10/1/19 – 11/15/19 this year with a benefit start date of 1/1/20.  There will not be a Districtwide open enrollment in September.  All benefit eligible employees will be required to sign up for benefits during the SEBB open enrollment period with a benefit start date of 1/1/20.  Current benefit packages will be in effect thru 12/31/19.  Attached is a SEBB Program Benefits Fact sheet outlining benefits that will be offered by SEBB.  Below is the link to SEBB FAQ’s for School employees to refer to for assistance answering some of your questions regarding funding, eligibility, enrollment and benefits.