​Welcome to the Evergreen Education Association

Every member of the Evergreen Education Association cares deeply about the success of every child. We believe the educators’ voice is essential to improving education. As a professional organization of hard working, highly educated, and very caring people, we know what students need and we work tirelessly to get those needs met. 

With that aim in mind, the EEA looks to partner with parent, civic, student, and labor groups to help the State Legislature meet their paramount duty to fully fund education in this legislative session.  Those interested are encouraged to follow the legislature by going to https://www.washingtonea.org/ourvoice/.  The EEA, like the vast majority of people, believe that students deserve a first class education, regardless of their zip code.  This legislative session, the Evergreen Education Association, all 1800 of us, will continue to work tirelessly to be the voice for those who see our students every day, and know what is needed in our schools.

News and updates

  • Tax Season

    Tax season is upon us. Remember, that in some cases (ask your tax advisor) your union dues can be deducted on your taxes. Different people have paid different amounts of dues based on how much they worked over the past year. Box 14 on your W2 given to you by the District lists how much you paid in dues over the past calendar year. If you are a member of WEAPAC or NEAFCPE, you will also see listed in Box 14 your contributions to these PACs. WEAPAC and the NEAFCPE are political action groups and contributions to them are rarely tax deductible.
  • Black Lives Matter Resolution

    Resolution to Endorse Black Lives Matter in Schools movement

    Whereas data for our district and others around Washington show a disproportionate rate of discipline for black students and other students of color, and the Evergreen School District is committed to implementing restorative practices; and
    Whereas disparate treatment is a historical and current reality for African American and other people of color; and
    Whereas Black Lives Matter has emerged as a national social movement to which our students have direct or mediated exposure; and
    Whereas our silence in the face of such a movement and the injustice which precipitates it is, in itself, a statement; and
    Whereas, in response to and in support of that movement, local education associations in the state of Washington and states throughout the country have adopted similar resolutions; and
    Whereas the EEA believes the lives of black students matter and the lives of all black people matter; and
    Whereas we affirm teachers' rights to address issues that affect our students’ lives and world; and
    Whereas educators seek to create in our students a sense of justice, equity, and active civic engagement;
    BE IT RESOLVED, that the Evergreen Education Association (EEA) endorses the national call for Black Lives Matter at School Week to kick off Black History Month during February 5th to February 11th.
    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that EEA encourages its members to address Black Lives Matter in the classroom in the manner and to the extent the teacher judges to be appropriate and to examine the concepts of racial justice and institutional racism in the academic space. To this end, the EEA will make related instructional materials available to teachers via our February newsletter and the EEA’s social media outlets.

    Enacted by unanimous consent of the Representative Council on January 22, 2018.
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  • Fred Ensman/Virginia Oliver 2018 Scholarship Application

    The Fred Ensman/Virginia Oliver 2018 Scholarship Application is now online and ready for applicants. The application will be due in the EEA Office by Friday, April 27th at 4:00 p.m. Application packets may be returned to the EEA Office by mail to 5516 NE 107th Ave., Ste 100, Vancouver, WA 98662 or emailed to cjohnson@washingtonea.org. Only complete applications will be accepted.
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