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We Did It! EEA Approves New Contract Settlement!

The EEA is an inclusive organization that empowers, informs, and advocates for its members. We believe the educators’ voice is essential to improving education.

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    Every member of the Evergreen Education Association cares deeply about the success of every child. We believe the educators’ voice is essential to improving education. As a professional organization of hard working, highly educated, and very carrying people, we know what students need and we work tirelessly to get those needs met.

    The Evergreen Education Association is immensely thankful for the community support and trust that is bestowed upon us. We look forward to working with community groups, parents, students, and the District to educate the whole child. We are hugely proud of the work our members do all across the education spectrum not just instructing our students, but also caring for and nurturing them as well. We believe that in order for a student to learn (s)he must have the most basic needs met. We are proud of our counselors, our special education teachers, and our special service providers. We applaud the district’s latest initiatives to combat the impacts of poverty on education. As educators, we see those impacts every day. The Evergreen Education Association, all 1800 of us, will continue to work tirelessly to be the voice for those who see our students every day, and know what is needed in our schools.
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