Welcome to the Evergreen Education Association

Our members join a collection of the most highly-skilled, trained, and dedicated educators that exist anywhere. It is important to know that we always make decisions with the needs of our students as the first consideration. Our members have been hired to do this work as a direct acknowledgment of their desire to be an advocate for children.
The Evergreen Education Association exclusively represents the interests of this great group of professionals. My name is Bill Beville and I serve as president.
Together, our voice is strong as an advocate for children and to make sure we are appropriately compensated and respected for the important work we do. We contend that membership is not about what one “gets” as an individual, but rather what we secure for kids and our profession together as a team to achieve success for our students. Some of the additional benefits provided to our members:
  • A multi-million-dollar liability insurance benefit
  • Access to discounts on a host of products and services at neamb.com
  • Access to a financial planner, tools and partners
  • Free legal consultation and discounted legal services
  • Access to quality professional development for no, or little cost
  • A voice and vote in your association to help shape its direction
  • Personalized Advocacy
and, most importantly:
  • Belonging to a fellowship of active, engaged, and expert professionals
However, the true benefit of being a member of our union is in carrying on the tradition of educators raising their collective voice to demand quality in the education for our children.  Smaller class sizes, modern resources, advanced curriculum, less standardized testing, ample compensation, insurance benefits, sick leave, planning time, parental leave, etc. do not just materialize in our profession. These exist because collectively we have allied together in the past and continue to work together today to improve the working conditions of our members, thereby improving the learning conditions of our students. 
Please contact us for more information.

William H. Beville, President

News and updates

  • It's VEBA Time!

    Any employee that wishes to apply to see if they are eligible for sick leave cash out (have enough hours banked AND have hours left over from the 2018 calendar year) would need to fill out an Application for Excess Sick Leave Cashout.

    The form is located here:

    and is due in the payroll office before the close of day on Thursday, January 31st @ 4:30pm, and forms will be stamped received as they come in. Any that are not in the district payroll office – (dark green) by the deadline will not be paid. IE: If someone waits until the last minute, don't put it in the pony mail - best to drop it off in person.

    If you have a VEBA account, you do not need to fill out a VEBA application form. If you have never contributed to a VEBA before, you would need to fill out an application. (Please note that cash outs to VEBA only apply to those eligible employees that have more than 180 days of sick leave banked up.)

    If you are new to VEBA you will need to make a VEBA account before February 10th, the payroll deadline for February's payroll run. The VEBA form is located at: www.eeaoffice.com/eea-documents
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    Have you looked at the member benefits that are available to you as an EEA/WEA/NEA Member? There are so many discounts and benefits available, you may be surprised if you have not visited this website. Take advantage of the offers available to you!
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    Solutions Employee Assistance is a program that will help you deal with bumps in the road of life. This is a free and confidential program that can assist with: Stress, Loss, Depression, Legal issues, Parenting, Divorce, Finances, Anxiety. Counselors are available to for you, check out the link and give them a call.
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