Evergreen Education Association

Member Update for Summer 2019

Usually, this is where we say, “See you next Year!” and off you go. This summer, however, I’d like everyone leaving with these important deadlines & items in mind:

  1. Complete your Safe Schools Training! You received an email on June 10th with directions.  https://egreen-wa.safeschools.com/login The deadline is September 30th, but I am encouraging everyone to do it as soon as possible. This is part of TRI now, so anything you can take off your plate for the beginning of next year helps.
  2. Get Your Shots! We want everyone to come to school next year with all the necessary documentation of immunity already filed with HR. See the MOU for details: https://www.eeaoffice.com/file_viewer.php?id=21326
  3. Get ready for the SEBB. We are sharing everything we know about in the SEBB Tab (See above,) but one thing you might need a heads-up about: Dependent Verification. This may change, but as of now, only eligible employees will be already in the system at the beginning of open enrollment. Any documentation you need for verifying dependents should be handy when open enrollment comes October 1st through November 15th. Also, you’ll want lists of medical providers, medications, treatments you have had covered, etc. You need to be ready to ask and answer great questions.

William H. Beville, President

News and updates

  • SEBB


    For the latest updates please check the SEBB tab on the webpage. It is important you know how these changes will affect your insurance.
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  • 2019 WEA Summer Learning Institute

    The Summer Learning institutes will be WEA’s premier professional learning offerings of the year, providing trainings in four different pathways including:

    Teaching & Learning
    Special Education
    Culturally Responsive Strategies and ELL
    National Board and National Board Renewal Jump Starts
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