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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

First, I’d like to thank the state WEA leadership, Kim Mead, Stephen Miller, & Shannon McCann. Our wonderful WEA Support Staff: Arden Watson, Dianne Flynn, Simone Boe, Paul Dillon, Rich Wood, & Marie Canas.  My fellow Riverside Uniserv council leadership, Anna-Melissa Lyons, Joe Thayer and Shauna Ruse.

The six other locals that stood in solidarity with us on the picket line in Clark County. Presidents Alan Adams REA, Lynn Maiorca VEA, Eric Engebretson WAE, Megan Miles HEA. Most importantly: a shout out to Battle Ground President, Linda Peterson and her bargaining team. I’d also like to thank the Clark County Democratic party and young Democrats of Clark county. They supported our picket lines, attended our rallies, and worked behind the scenes to put pressure on the school board to direct the superintendent. Thank you to our current pro-education candidates like Tanisha Harris, Kathy Gillespie, Chris Tobaben, Damian Giles, and Carolyn Long. Obviously, we had support from our state house representative Monica Stonier, and Vancouver school board director Wendy Smith.

All of our brothers and sisters of the SWWACLC Labor Council and our many, many other labor allies who sanctioned the strike and would not cross our lines! They also contributed, funds, time and walked with us.

Zone leads who helped with all the coordination. Our Picket Captains one and all, the picket captains and leaders in each building who worked with enormous grace under pressure. Because of their leadership, our members' strength and dedication to a fair contract shined through every day. I am excited to see what other goals our Union can accomplish because they made the choice to step up and lead. Also, thanks should go out to WEA-Retired and Shelly Houle and the bargaining team of CEA. Teresa Correy and Cheryl Vandervort of WEA staff provided great support as well.

Christine Johnson, Regina Pilipchuk, Adam Aguilera and Marj Hogan for their truly tireless work and forgiveness. They were on the ground making this happen every day.

Of course, our students, families and community members who stood by us, in spite of the onslaught of partial and misinformation: They trust our Educators!

And most importantly: You, the Members of the EEA! Thank you for taking your power back and demanding the professional, competitive compensation and respect that the educators of our students deserve! You are the ones who kept bringing the district back to the table!

And personally, I’d like to thank the members of the bargaining team:

Bob Kenck, Rob Lutz, Kristie Peak, Necia Gannon, Fauna Wolfe and the amazing, talented, brilliant, beautiful and all-around hero: Lisa Raine whose insight and experience shaped every piece and product of this bargain!

In Solidarity,

Bill Beville,

President of the Evergreen Education Association

Please see this link for an open letter to Evergreen Families

Please see this link for Community Letter #2

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